Get to know Ember Sword, a Play-to-Earn MMORPG

Get to know Ember Sword, a Play-to-Earn MMORPG

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is an online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) game where players take on the role of a game character which takes place in a dystopian fantasy universe driven by players with a fast-paced combat and classless system.

Players can create a character, choose a Home Nation, and venture into a fantasy world with their weapon of choice to prove the strength of their character in a classless combat system, defeat monsters, bosses, and other players or explore the world as a rare item merchant, make a name for yourself as a skilled craftsman, and more depending on what the player desire.

Creator’s Objective

Ember Sword is creating a new MMORPG experience like never before with the idea of ​​what an ideal MMORPG should be for players and a truly player-driven game design.


The game aims to provide the chance to experience a unique world and believes in empowering players by sharing the revenue generated on Ember Sword with the community through owning NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and other digital assets in the game.

Player’s Objectives

1. PvP (Player Versus Player)

Embersword PVP battles are based on the player's skills (good skills defeat good equipment). For those who want high stakes, they can fight against other players in the Outlaw territories. If a battle is won in the Outlaw territories, players may be rewarded with a rare card that records the great achievement that the player has done to obtain the card.

When players obtain a complete set of cards in each collection, they can unlock Cosmetic Items to decorate their characters or resell them to other players.

2. Players PvE (Player Versus Environment)

The world of Ember Sword is filled with unique monsters and beasts. To be the number one player amongst all other PvE players, you'll have to fight every day to be the first to kill randomly spawned bosses around the world.

After killing a boss, you will have the opportunity to earn rare rewards that will allow your legendary battles against bosses to be recorded on the card. Collecting a full collection of cards unlocks a Cosmetic Item, which can be freely used for any purpose such as keeping it as a collection, exchanging, trading, etc.

Is Ember Sword a Pay to Win Game?

No, as Ember Sword focuses on player skill-based battles, there is no Pay to Win system involved.

What is the Cosmetic Items system?

In Ember Sword, we call skins, avatars, emoticons, and such as "Cosmetic Items" or decoration items, which affect appearance only, and does not affect gameplay and abilities.

Why are Cosmetic Items Collectibles?

All Cosmetic Items in Ember Sword are limited in quantity. In each month, players can acquire Cosmetic Items through PvP and PvE, or sometimes on sale during the festival with different  themes according to the festival. After that, those items would not be up for resale ever again. 

This is the reason why Cosmetic Items are collectibles and each item has a history unlike any other in the world, with details on its ownership, discovery, and more, giving each item its own story.

What is Land System?

Land in Ember Sword are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are in the form of different types of land where players can buy, build, develop or trade. The size of a plot of land in the game is approximately one screen wide.

There are 4 types of Land:

1.Regular Plots (1 plot of land)

Regular Plots are the basic form of land in the game, it comes with the title of Sir or Lady to the landowner and has unique characteristics with this plot of land as well. This could be a camping site, housing for NPCs, resources, spawning monsters, etc.

2. Settlement Plots (1 plot of land) 

Settlement Plots are land where players can place small buildings which can be built as a filling station, Guild Outposts, etc. This land comes with the title Baron or Baroness. An example of what can be built on this plot of land is a small player house, small guild house and small player stores, etc.

3.Town Plots (4 plots of land connected)

Town Plots are larger than Settlement Plots and are more useful. It is an area of building that serves a more specific purpose, such as a crafting workshop, unique item creation and resource customization. This land comes with the title Earl or Countess, players can create customization stations, various buildings, medium-sized guild houses and trading areas that provides players access to a global network of item trading.

4. City Plots (16 plots of land connected)

City Plots are the centers of commercial activity. Large buildings and largest guilds can be found in these city areas which bring limitless opportunities for landowners. The landowner is given the titles of Duke or Duchess. Besides all the buildings in the city, this land also allows its owners to build large guild houses, dimensional gates, caravan trading areas, etc.

Prices and payment methods for the Land system

Ember Sword accepts USDC as payment. Players must have a digital wallet for the payment. Detailed instructions on payment methods and the price of each land can be found directly on the Ember Sword website.

Blockchain Technology used in Ember Sword

The developers are planning to use the Ethereum blockchain network to power the Cosmetic Items and the Land system, enabling players to trade Cosmetic Items freely, securely, and to prove the uniqueness and rarity of Cosmetic Items and Land.

NFTs that are connected to Cosmetic Items in the game, which are generated monthly by smart contracts, which prove the uniqueness and rarity of Cosmetic Items in order to ensure that no one else in the world or even the developers of the game will be able to create copies of them.

How will the fees on the Blockchain be managed?

Ember Sword processes transactions through both Polygon and Ethereum, so the fees are very low at almost 0, especially if paying through Polygon's system, but players can still choose which system to pay for the fees.

How many classes are there in Ember Sword?

In Ember Sword, there is no class selection. Players are not bound to a single weapon type or style of play. The choice is entirely the player's preference. Whether you choose to use a sword, bow or knife, the option can always be changed.

How many types of weapons are there in Ember Sword?

There are 3 types of weapons: melee, ranged and energy. Each type has many different weapons such as one-handed swords, two-handed swords, bows, staff, etc. The more players use a particular type of weapon, the more the skill of that type of weapon is increased.

How many types of armors are there in Ember Sword?

There are 3 types of armor: steel, leather, and cloth armor. Players can mix different armor variations to match their preferred playing style. Each type of armor yields different bonuses.

How many types of skills are there?

Character skill progression in Ember Sword depends on the player's skill development from level 0 to 100. Developing the player's skill allows for better equipment creation, equipping better weapons, collecting better resources, etc.

The Ember Sword development team plans to add 16 skills, including mining, lumbering, fishing, skinning, harvesting, smelting, tanning, weaving, woodworking, armor-smithing, weapon-making, accessory-making, cooking, melee attacks, ranged attacks, and energy attacks. There may be more skills in the future as the game will be continuously developed.

World of Ember Sword

Ember Sword is planned to be an exciting and ever-changing platform to ensure a different experience every time the player connects to the game.

The world is divided into 4 nations: Solarwood, Duskeron, Edisau and Sevrend. Players must choose one Nation as their home nation during character creation. Each nation has three types of territory: Kingship, Wilderness, and Outlaw.

The Outlaw territory is the most dangerous territory and lies on the border between the two nations. This area is a source of rare resources, high-level monsters, but also contains high risks. Whoever the player encounters will be able to attack. In addition, the player can also fight to take control of the outlaw's camp which will reward players with a rare collectible.

Wilderness territory is a PvE area rich in resources, monsters, and NPC (Non-Player Character). If players encounter other players from the enemy nation, you'll have a chance to attack them. Bosses in the Ember Sword World will spawn in the Wilderness and Kingship territories. Encountering the boss and killing them will provide rare rewards or even Cosmetic Items.

Kingship territory is a PvE-only area, such as finding resources, NPC, quests, etc. This territory is controlled by players through 160,000 plots of land.

Do players need a high-spec computer to play Ember Sword?

No. The developer team has spent thousands of hours ensuring that every part of the game, from the code to the artwork, is optimized to guarantee that Ember Sword is playable on most computers, even computers with older hardware. This is what will allow anyone to play Ember Sword directly in their browser.

Recommended computer specs and other information will be revealed as we get closer to the launch of Ember Sword.




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