What is Cardano Alonzo Hard Fork?

What is Cardano Alonzo Hard Fork?

How Alonzo Hard Fork is implemented to Cardano?

Cardano Alonzo Hard Fork is one of the major upgrades of the Cardano network, because it aims to release the Smart Contracts functionality, which will be interesting to see different DeFi features on its network.

In the present, Cardano had officially announced on Twitter that the development of its Mainnet had taken place on the 13th of September, 2021. This counts as the last step for the launch of its Smart Contracts feature.

Cardano is a third generation blockchain network that is led by Charles Hoskinson, who has a team of developers that works on networks like Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), that has a duty to maintain and develop the performance of networks such as Cardano and Ethereum Classic. From the 5 main phases of Cardano’s roadmap, Alonzo is in the 3rd phase, which is known as Goguen.

How many phases are in Alonzo?

The Alonzo Hard Fork is divided into three main phases and 2 minor phases which are Alonzo Blue, White, Purple, Red, and Black, respectively. Cardano had announced that the first few phases of the development of its Smart Contracts feature will take place in phases Blue and White in order to evaluate the performance and detect any rooms for error.

Once Alonzo Purple has been completed, they will be testing it on Cardano’s mainnet. The remaining minor phases Alonzo Red and Black will be the phases for performance evaluation of the Smart Contracts feature, to develop and improve the working process.

Alonzo Blue

The first phase of development, which is Alonzo Blue, is the initial experimental phase of the smart contracts feature on Cardano’s testnet. It aims to make sure that everything runs smoothly and also allow developers and staking pool providers to give feedback and help along with the development, which is limited to just 50 users.

Alonzo White

Alonzo White is where they start to simulate the working process of decentralized applications in order to check the stability of their working process. In this phase, they work with their partners who provide staking pools and developers by expanding their network to accept 500 users.

Alonzo Purple

Alonzo Purple upgrade is where they execute it on Cardano’s mainnet, which takes place in the mid of August  until September 2021. This phase itself has also been divided into two steps, which are Light and Dark. 

Light Purple is where they launch the Smart Contracts feature for the public to use on Cardano’s network. In the Dark Purple phase, investors will witness the introduction of certain decentralized applications from Cardano’s partners

Alonzo Red & Black

Alonzo Red and Black phases are when developers make minor improvements to the upgrade, where Cardano had announced that these 2 phases will take much less time than the previous phases. 

How is the Alonzo Hard Fork important to Cardano?

For a blockchain network like Cardano, this upgrade is a very important step in the history of their existence, because networks that aim to work with Smart Contracts to create decentralized applications and decentralized financial systems, will gain a major competitive advantage.

Just as Charles Hoskinson had always mentioned that every upgrade may take a lot of time, but the most important thing is the stability and performance of each and every feature the upgrade brings to the network.

While Cardano’s Smart Contracts upgrade is about to complete and become ready for launching, the ERC20 converter is also getting ready to be launched, which will provide opportunities for users on the Ethereum network to move their database onto Cardano’s network. It is expected that this will be ready after the Alonzo Mainnet Hard Fork.


Other than seeing various decentralized applications utilizing this hard fork, this is a very important step for Cardano in determining whether they could make a huge impact in this industry or not. 

This is especially important to networks who are looking to create Smart Contracts for decentralized applications. The ERC20 Converter is another interesting function that Cardano is looking forward to, in order to move information from the Ethereum network onto Cardano’s own network. We could be witnessing a very important event that is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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