Bitkub Academy : TRON AMA Live Session

Bitkub Academy : TRON AMA Live Session

Terms & Conditions of the TRON AMA Live Session Airdrop

1. This  AMA Live session Airdrop will take place on July 21, 2022, from 19.00 - 21.00 and is aimed to provide viewers with educational knowledge about TRON project through the Bitkub Academy Facebook page and Youtube channel. Participants are able to win airdrop rewards through the most correct, accurate, and fastest answering of provided questions. 

2. In this AMA Live Session Airdrop activity, interested participants in the AMA Live Session Airdrop activity will need to join the session and those that are the fastest and able to provide the most accurate answer for the questions answered within the session which are broadcasted on both the Bitkub Academy Facebook page & Youtube channel.  If found to be in accordance with the rule, as well as all terms and conditions, the participant will be eligible to receive reward airdrops from a prize pool of 27,00 TRX, and 200 Bitkub ICON NFT airdrops.


3. In this AMA Live Session Airdrop activity, Bitkub Labs Co., Ltd.and Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. need to coordinate with one another to verify the information provided by you as the participants, including wallet address, phone number, email address used to register on the Bitkub Exchange, name, address, and participants’ UID, or other information as necessary provided on Bitkub Exchange. By participating in the AMA Live Session Airdrop activity, we request/require your consent to collect, use, and disclose your information as necessary.

4. One Eligible Participant will be selected from either the Bitkub Academy Facebook page or Bitkub Academy Youtube platform from following activities: 10 participants from Pre-AMA Activities,  In AMA activity per question for the 25 questions according to the rules of the AMA Live Session Airdrop activity announced through the channels. If participants follow the  activities rules, there will be additional rewards.

5. For the Company to be able to distribute the reward to the Eligible Participants, the Eligible Participants are required to have a Bitkub Exchange account with a complete level-1 identity verification (KYC 1) before July 25, 2022, 11:59:59 PM.

In case the Eligible Participants do not have a Bitkub Exchange account with a completed  level-1 identity verification (KYC 1) within the given campaign period ie. July 25, 2022 11:59:59 PM., the participant will be considered ineligible for the AMA Live Session Airdrop activity’s reward, and the vacant position will be replaced by another Eligible Participant.

6.  The activities will be divided in to 3 parts: Pre-AMA Activitiy with 10 Eligible participant with 600 TRX rewards, In-AMA Activity, there will be 25 eligible participants with 3,700 TRX rewards, providing that the participants provide the fastest and most accurate answer, wherein the winners will be selected solely by the session moderator and Bitkub Academy surveillance team. Additionally, the prize pool will be increased to 22,650 TRX along with giving away 200 Bitkub ICON NFT  if participating viewers meet the set requirements within the live session and did not receive reward airdrops from in AMA actvities


7. The participants agree and accept that it is in Bitkub Academy’s sole and final discretion to choose the appropriate answer given by the participants. 

8. Each participant will be eligible for 1 reward only.

9. The prize rewards will be distributed within 60 business days from the session date. However, upon delays caused by technical difficulties, Bitkub Academy will directly contact eligible participants through their Facebook inboxes to inform them of such delay, as well as the new date of merchandise distribution.

10. The Eligible Participants that are confirmed and announced within the AMA Live Session Airdrop will be required to submit/message the details of the Eligible Participant (eg. name-last name phone number, email address as used to register on Bitkub Online account) which to be indicated in the AMA Live Session Airdrop to Bitkub Academy Facebook Page via Facebook Messenger. After that, the Company will send the confirmation message to the Eligible Participants which the Eligible Participants will be required to reply to Bitkub Academy within 2 calendar days. Those Eligible Participants who fail to reply to the Company confirmation message on the Bitkub Academy Facebook Page via Facebook Messenger will be deemed to disclaim the reward of the AMA Live Session Airdrop activity.

11. The Company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the activity without prior notice.

12. The rewards cannot be redeemed for cash or other campaign rewards and the benefits from this activity cannot be transferred to another person.

13. The Company shall not be liable for any loss incurred by the participant in the course of its dealing with the Exchange, unless such loss is clearly attributable to its own willful default or fraud.

14. The participants shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising out of the participant’s performance.

15. The Company’s decision is final and binding without negotiations.

16. The Participant understands and agrees that the AMA Live Session Airdrop activity is the activity which allows the Participant to participate in a question and answer format in connection to the education content provided by the Company either via Bitkub Academy Facebook Page or Bitkub Academy YouTube Channel for a reward of value no more than THB500 (Five Hundred Thai Baht). AMA Live Session Airdrop activity is not a game of chance, a venture which results in losing benefits or money, bargain, gambling, the gamble of money or other possessions, or a game of chance promising money or other benefits, and that the compliance with applicable law and regulation is of essential.


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