Free Scholarship Program at GuildFi

Free Scholarship Program at GuildFi

GuildFi, a leading GameFi platform, specializing in enabling users to experience the Metaverse through gaming-based manifestation that allows the access to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Other than being a hub for a variety of GameFi games, GuildFi also offers scholarship programs that aid gamers interested in the GameFi realm, but lack funds, to access the gaming experience.

What is the Scholarship Program?

GuildFi’s Scholarship Program is an initiative aimed towards providing the essential knowledge and access to gamers lacking funds or costs required in playing GameFi games.

Through this program, users are granted the necessary understanding in entering and thriving in the GameFi world, as well as receiving initial funds from GuildFi's partnered companies and token vault without any payments from the player. However, there may be conditions pertaining to the indication of the effectiveness in supporting the player, as well as their determination.

On this premise, GuildFi keeps track of their Scholarship Program players by analyzing their performance and what points in their gameplay need improvement. An example of the tools and indicators used in keeping track is Axie Infinity’s toolkit that manages scholarships, daily SLP share, PVP simulation, team status, and in-game card details.

There are currently over 3,100 players involved in the program, with over 200,000 more interested players!

How does the Scholarship Program Provide Funds?

Individuals participating in the program are entitled to free funds upon their registration to a guild to borrow NTFs (Non-fungible Tokens) from fund providers. These NFTs may be in the form of in-game characters or other essential beginner items and the provided funds will be directly from partners and a portion will be from the GuildFi reserve.

Fun fact! Bitkub now has a guild on GuildFi under the name of GuildKUB that supports players interested in being involved with the GameFi world through news updates, information, as well as supporting funds and scholarships for Axie Infinity enthusiasts.

How do I enter the Scholarship Program?

Those who wish to register for a scholarship program can create a GuildFi ID here: to search for guilds and request supporting funds. A GuildFi ID is responsible for collecting a user’s information in one place, making it easier for them to receive rewards and benefits, as well as connect to the Metaverse.

Note that each guild has its own registration period, therefore, readers are highly encouraged to keep up with current news and updates to prevent missing out on registration!


GuildFi’s Scholarship Program is an initiative aimed to aid GameFi enthusiasts’ journeys into the gaming world through the provision of funds, as well as help throughout their gaming experience to construct a well-built foundation.

GuildFi is still on a continuous expansion of partners and seeking to become the number 1 platform in Southeast Asia. Nonetheless, GuildFi progress is still an unclosed book and their journey to become the number 1 GameFi platform in Thailand and Southeast Asia is still in the works.


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